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AV Performance
Obejrzeń: 1518

The work explores the deterioration of the body in favour of the image, which in contact with matter, with the sensitive topic, it becomes energy. Antimatter, as characteristic of a pure vision, wants to reach a concrete form, to become a new tool, to overwhelm the body invading and violating it from the inside, in order to learn the structure and arise out of nothing. This exchange of levels of perception and projection of both elements, owes its existence to the ephemeral duration of stay of the matter itself.
The idea is to make the image as a monomial able to present the matter as it is occurring and to show its tangible power in the immanent reality.
The movements of the performer are taken in real time using the camera, the actions are thus associated with changes on stage of the projected image. This mode, to interact and to strive towards an union between image and body, allow to develop the narrative in a unique space, incorporating a dialectic more close and intimate.

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