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25 Marzec 1980

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Kiritan Flux (aka. Tobias F. Last, born 1980 in Heidelberg, DE) is an explorer in the wide aestetic fields between live-visualism and media arts. He has been experimenting with live-video since the late 1990s and worked as a VJ in Berlin since 2004. He is one of the founders of the VisualBerlin video arts association and has always been very keen to bring video artists together for collaborative projects and to push live visuals into new directions and perceptions. Flux has worked in various collaborative projects and collectives:

Besides doing video and media arts Kiritan Flux earns his living as a cultural manager, web-developer, graphics designer and video-animator in the Berlin based bureau for culture and project development kopiloten.

- involved in the audiovisual media salon event SCOPE Sessions (since 2011)
- ongoing installation project SATCIC with Tim de Cort (since 2010)
- involved in the realtime audiovisual expanded cinema performance event nights SCREENPLAY (2011)
- audiovisual performance collective F.N.O.R. with performer and dancer Melody Panosian (2010-2011)
- member of the audiovisual dance performance collective "Instant Delay" (2009-2010)
- audiovisual dance performance project "übermutanty" with performance artist Dr. Bronkenstein (03. - 09. 2010)
- AV project "Achtung!" together with BRM 2009
- Live Cinema crew =ff= together with fRED 2006-2008
- resident VJ of "Break It Loose" funk & rare-grooves collective 2003-2009
- resident VJ of "RAFGIER" party series 2004-2005
- VJ crew "ZikZak Corp." together with Berlingrad 2004-2005
- installation with VJ Ray-V in 2004


09.04.2011 - "SATCIC: Typographic Architecture"
Interactive ypographic installation in collaboration with Antwerp based media artist Tim de Cort
Berlin, DE

06.11.2010 - "Did We Meat?"
Audiovisual Performance in progress with musician, dancer, and performer Melody Panosian

20.03.2010 - "The City Zen"
Audiovisual Dance Performance with übermutanty collective
B-Seite Festival
Mannheim, DE

10.10.2009 - "Disonancia Cognitiva"
Audiovisual Dance Performance with Instant Delay collective
Netaudio Festival
Berlin, DE

18.07.2009 - "Surveillance"
Time-lapse surveillance camera video installation
"Cadavre Exquis" exhibition at Neurotitan
Berlin, DE

23.05.2009 - "ACHTUNG!" version 1.0
Audiovisual Performance with BRM
Augenschein Video Festival
Heidelberg, DE

06.09.2008 - "Coulrophobie"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance
e's 40th birthday party
Pulp Mansion, Berlin, DE

01.06.2008 - "FF Bots Will Invade Your B-Rain"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance with Return of the Space Invaders
Live Performers Meeting
Macello IV, Roma, IT

22.09.2007 - "Weltherrschaft"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance with Return of the Space Invaders
Live Performers Meeting
Linux Club, Roma, IT

17.08.2007 - "Badespaß"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance
5 Meter Bar, Berlin, DE

19.05.2007 - "Designmai Punksters"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance
DMY Design Festival
Arena, Berlin, DE

02.03.2007 - "Nep Konijn"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance with DJ MoGreens
Consortium, Amsterdam, NL

01.03.2007 - "Nep Konijn"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance
Ekko, Utrecht, NL

26.12. - 30.12.2006 - "AVIT>C23"
Organisator of an AVIT VJ Festival in Berlin with more than 80 international artists.
Chaos Communication Congress at BCC and M12
Berlin, DE

24.11.2006 - "The Italian Job"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance with Return of the Space Invaders
Live Performers Meeting
Linux Club, Roma, IT

25.07.2006 - "Wrozlaw Parano"
=ff= Narrative Ego Performance
Era Nowe Horyzonty
Burgher's Brewery, Wrozlaw, PL

25.06.2005 - "Kapitalverbrechen"
Videoinstallation at res:publica
Kleinmachnow, DE

27.12. - 30.12.2005 - "opencircuittv"
Videoinstallation at Chaos Communication Congress, BCC
Berlin, DE

20.08. - 30.08.2004 - "Crop Circles"
Open-Air Video Installation with VJ Ray-V from Tel Aviv
Boom Festival
Idhana a Nova, PT

01.07. - 03.07.2004 - "kiritan flux vs. kazooo"
Audiovisual Live Sets at Contact Europe VJ Festival
Café Moskau, Zentrale Randlage and EM Lounge
Berlin, DE

24.04. - 10.05.2004 - "Cali Planet"
Videoinstallation at Sony Style Store Potsdamer Platz
Berlin, DE

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