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Newbie help!
Other than blindly playing around with Flxer, how can I lean how to use this program? I have searched far and wide and I can find no tutorials or manual to help me. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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#1 7 lata temu // mattymatt // cytowanie odpowiedzi
Hello, newer newbie here. Did you find a tutorial or guide, by chance?

#2 6 lata temu // Gianluca Del Gobbo // cytowanie odpowiedzi
no there isnt :(

#3 6 lata temu // Gianluca Del Gobbo // cytowanie odpowiedzi
no there isn't :(

#4 5 lata temu // Plexo Isaac // cytowanie odpowiedzi
Look at this page:

I found it so useful that i saved it for reading offline:

#5 3 lata temu // Crazy Monkey // cytowanie odpowiedzi
Thank you very much Plexo!

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