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AV Performance
Diaphanous Stream
Audiovisual performance for Metastring, live-electronics and live visuals

The instrumental gesture performed on the Metastring produces fluid sound masses, and triggers the appearance of luminous weaves occuring in succession like an uninterrupted flow of matter.

Metastring is an augmented electroacoustic monochord designed by Massimiliano Cerioni, first presented in September 2017 at the Tempo Reale center in Florence with the performance Satori.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 |



Technical rider

  • Czas trwania : 30 min.
  • Typ : AV Performance
- Medium Room (100 persons)
- P.A. audio installation made by a quadraphonic array (4 independent sound sources - loudspeakers or clusters etc.) + sub woofers and a PA Mixer
- Two stage monitors
- Big Table (2x1 meters at least), black tissues for covering
- A projection surface (~4x2.25 m) placed on the back wall of the stage
- A video projector well suited for being used in this context


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16 Kwiecień 2018
24 Kwiecień 1986

  • Italy Pomezia (Rome)


Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy, 1986). Composer, sound-art performer, audio engineer. He studied electronic music with Michelangelo Lupone, and graduated from the A. Casella conservatory of music in L’Aquila (Italy). His music composition career started in 2008, and includes several works – electroacoustic and instrumental music, sound-art and intermedia performances, music for dance and soundtracks – which have been performed in Italy and abroad. He teaches music technologies in different high school of Rome since 2013. From 2008 until 2015 he was also employed as audio engineer and researcher by societies like Agorà Srl and institutions like CRM of Rome, INA-GRM of Paris and GMEM of Marseille. Currently he hold sound design courses from Kent Industries Recording Studio (Latina, Italy), and also work as freelance audio synchronization engineer for CDS Srl. In 2014 he performed at the ICMC in Athens. In 2015 he placed 1st at the Italian national arts prize Premio Abbado – category “electroacoustic music composition”, with the piece Oltre il carico di rottura dell’anima (2013). He has received artistic commissions by the Musical Researches Centre of Rome for writing two pieces for dance: ScontrINcontri in 2014 – music for a duet 2nd placed at Premio Roma Danza 2015 that has been written by the choreographer Valerio De Vita – and Molten Kinematics in 2016 – written for an improvisation made by the breaker Niels Storm Robitzky with the dancer Antonella Abbate. In 2016 he started working with the director and videomaker Andrea Alessi. He plays didgeridoo and custom-made instruments such as Metastring, an augmented electroacoustic monochord first appeared in september 2017 at Tempo Reale in Florence, Italy, then at MakerFaire Rome Edition 2017. In addition, he leads independent research projects about music technology design, audio spatialization and physical modelling synthesis.

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